Financial Facts

Security.  Integrity.  Stability.

The financial position of any insurance company is paramount when considering a long-term relationship.  CSP has been structured to take advantage of controlling its own destiny regarding reinsurance and the security of an AM Best A+ rated carrier.

As a reinsurance company to a $3,000,000,000+ surplus company, CSP maintains the flexibility to be responsive to its insureds.  Here are a few facts:

  • CSP has never raised its rates since inception 
  • CSP has returned over $2.5 million in excess surplus to its insured-owners
  • Each insured has access to full primary and excess limits from an AM Best A+ rated carrier with billions in surplus
  • If you had been a founder of CSP, you would have enjoyed over 1,250% return on your original surplus contribution

These and other points support the purpose of CSP and the real benefits its insured-owners enjoy.