Personal Service

Handling claims in a professional, compassionate, and proactive manner is what an insurance company should be all about.  It is, after all, the promise you're paying for with your premiums.  A main reason for forming CSP in 2004 was to make sure that the insureds had a true partner in the claims process, not an 800 number.

The CSP Claims Committee meets frequently to review each claim and its merits.  It's an interactive process that takes your perspective, not Wall Street's.  

Dedicated to You

Dedicated claims staff with decades of experience will respond no matter what the situation, incidents, or just a questions on procedure.  We believe this type of service is foundational to what you should expect and shouldn't be the exception.

Around the Clock

CSP insureds have the benefit of crisis management expertise available 24/7/365.  In the event of an incident, digging through an insurance policy for a 1-800 number, just to end-up leaving a voicemail, is not the answer.  Getting immediate help is the start to resolving the situation.